Credits for iPad

Credits is a visual filmography browser for the iPad. Add anyone from the Open Movie Database (TMBd) and explore their movies in a visual timeline. Tap on a movie to find out more about it and to add its cast and crew members to the timeline. Tap on a person to see their important dates, and hold down on them to remove them from the timeline.

App Features:
❖ Add any actor, director, writer, etc. to the timeline
❖ Scroll through their entire life’s work in an swipe of your finger
❖ Compare one actor’s credits to another in an instant
❖ Search through all of the movies in the timeline to jump to a specific film
❖ Tap on a movie to see its cast and crew, and then add them to the timeline
❖ Open a person or movie’s information in the IMDb app or website with a single tap

Credits takes its content from , the open, user-generated movie database. This means that sometimes the content might not be entirely accurate. While this app uses the TMDb API, it is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.

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