Glasgow’s Canals

What?¬†Developed for The Appstillery and Scottish Waterways Trust, Unlocking the Story: Explore Glasgow’s Canals Heritage is a GPS-enabled smartphone app. Michael developed the iPhone and iPad versions while Fergus Howe developed the Android app.

The app features a beautiful custom canal map which is GPS-enabled using The Appstillery’s proprietary MakkaMappa technology, along with over 100 points of interest, each tagged with information, photos, videos and audio clips.

Users can scan QR codes while walking along the canal, upload their own stories, audio and video clips, and even “See Through Time” using a custom-made augmented reality feature. This AR functionality links a range of historical images to physical locations, adds in the user’s current compass direction and uses their device’s camera to overlay the old image on top of the current view of the area.

The app is dynamically updated from an administration website created by Papertank,¬†allowing content managers to upload, review and change the app’s content at any time.

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