Life is for Livingston

What? Developed for The Appstillery and West Lothian Council, Life is for Livingston is a GPS-enabled smartphone app. Michael developed the iPhone and iPad versions while Fergus Howe developed the Android app.

Livingston in West Lothian has a fantastic collection of out door art. Out in the open, all along its streets, from quiet cul-de-sacs to main boulevards, from roundabouts to parks, there are many public artworks to be seen and explored.

The curator of the current exhibition of 35 public artworks is the Town itself! Livingston was designated to be built as a New Town in 1962 and it is the development of the Town that has defined each artwork. The location, the style, the aspirations and the very existence of each piece reflects the period in which they were created and so tells a story about Livingston and the people who live here.

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