Movie Geek

What?┬áMovie Geek is a film quiz for both casual viewers and film buffs. It’s simple: identify a movie from its blurred poster, cast, director, tagline and summary, revealing those clues one-by-one until you can name it.

With over 1000 hand-picked movies to identify, even the most seasoned movie-goer will struggle to identify every movie.

Gain credits for identifying each movie then use them to reveal information about other movies. The fewer pieces of information you need to reveal to identify for each movie, the more credits you’ll accumulate.

How?┬áThe app was built in native Objective-C and uses the TMDb API to fetch movie information and images. It also uses several live-blurring methods, integrates In-App Purchases, iAds and Google’s AdMob frameworks, as well as local notifications and intelligent image cacheing.

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